Sign-up for School Alerts!

We are now using RainedOut to inform you about school cancellations, early releases and delayed starts as well as cancelled events, changed plans, new directions, and more. RainedOut delivers our urgent alerts to you as a text message or email. You MUST opt in to this service to receive the alerts! Text PHSPTA to 84483 to receive alerts from Perry Harrison School PTA or go to our Rained Out sign up web page. You can text STOP to cancel alerts at any time!

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Chatham County Schools is pleased to announce the launch of the PowerSchool Parent Portal! The Parent Portal allows all Chatham County Schools families the opportunity to view their students' grades in an easy to use website. Check out the district website for more info about how to get connected to PowerSchool Parent Portal! Already signed up? Click here to login!

2016/2017 Teacher and Staff Directory

Our 2016-17 teacher and staff list can be found HERE!

Fuel Up (Not PTA Affiliated)

Fuel Up at Perry Harrison School is a backpack food program which provides students with nutritious meals and snacks for weekends and other breaks from school. Families whose children are eligible for the Free and Reduced meal program are encouraged to apply to participate in the Fuel Up program if they feel their children are not getting adequate food at home. The school guidance counselor and social workers select the students to be served. Parent volunteers and other students do not know which students are participating in the program, as bags are filled anonymously and distributed discreetly. Check out their website for more information on how to help, how to donate money or food, or to apply.